Collaboration redefined

The last few years have brought big changes for many people in their everyday work and thus also in their collaboration with team members and customers The last few years have brought big changes for many people in their everyday work and thus also in their collaboration with team members and customers. While digitalization in collaboration has been promoted and developed for some time, the circumstances of the past few years have made it a prerequisite. In retrospect, crises like these bring about the greatest innovations, and so we believe that this crisis can also be seen as an advantage in terms of digital collaboration.

Solutions and processes that were only used selectively in the past have now become the new standard.

If you have areas that have not yet been adapted to this technical and technological development, we are by your side as a competent partner in finding the right solutions for you.

Internal Collaboration

Interactive, efficient meetings

With digital whiteboards or large touchscreen monitors on trolleys, you enable a modern mobile way of collaboration. The mobility of the system makes it possible to take it anywhere you are and work in a team-focused and networked manner. Therefore, in product development physical prototypes, for example with a Microsoft Surface Hub that can be requested by one or multiple Microsoft Accouts, can be discussed and adjusted on site and distributed directly to all team members. An integrated camera can directly connect employees who are working from home or out of the office. This interactive collaboration increases efficiency, productivity and simplifies processes.

External Collaboration

Integrate external partners digitally and seamlessly

With external partners you want to communicate just as easily with the demand for flawless image and sound quality. With high-quality hardware, e.g. from poly, we set up professional video conference rooms of any size. Thanks to the non-proprietary hardware, you can use standard software such as Microsoft Teams or zoom. Of course, we are also happy to expand your existing systems for you, taking your legacy system into account to ensure a smooth integration.

Collabortion on the road
and working from home

Location-independent collaboration

Working from home or on the road, cloud or web-based solutions offer the greatest possible flexibility, thanks to their device independency. Today’s internet access is virtually location-independent, allowing easy access to a video or phone conference from a mobile device. Contents or screens are just as easily shared with other team members. Whether you are looking for a cross-company solution or just a web-based addition to your existing system, we would be happy to clarify your needs and work out a suitable solution together.

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