Digital Signage

Dynamic instead of static - a guarantee for limitless flexibility

All aspects of our daily lives are becoming increasingly digital, with Digital Signage, this development now also reaches formerly manual display, information, and advertising spaces. With this digitalization, you gain new flexibility and discover the limitless new possibilities.

Whether AdScreen, in-store marketing, info points, greeting systems, room and event displays, wayfinding systems or corporate communication, with a digital solution you can send and play current information in real time to your integrated network display systems.

Customer interaction

Your digital interface to customers

Whether information, advertising or customer greeting systems are place in- or outdoors, we develop a solution tailored to your individual needs. Digital Signage offers you a wide range for customer interaction. From digital signage to an info point, an advertising space, or a visitor guidance system. Form and functionality can be adapted to any specific application situation. Form and functionality can be adapted to any specific application situation. Depending on the situation, our solutions are either eye-catchers or discreetly restrained and fit seamlessly into existing environments.

Public Communication

Education, public spaces and buildings

Whether it’s a digital bulletin board, an interactive room allocation with timetable display or a waiting system with digital call display, Digital Signage also simplifies communication with any user group in public spaces. You can place info displays next to scoring board, food courts, or advertising campaigns to efficiently guide streams of visitors out of the stadium after events. In public spaces, Digital Signage provides information about the weather and current water temperatures, free parking spaces, public transport, opening hours and exhibitions in museums, and can also serve as a city guide for tourists.

Corporate Communication

Digital information and communication with your employees

To reserve meeting and focus rooms on site and view existing occupancy, digital booking, and reservation systems with the E-Ink displays can function wirelessly and can be mounted on glass walls thus making it visually very appealing. For any internal public information, from event calendars to lunch menus of the staff restaurant or welcome screens in the reception hall, Digital Signage is your option for modern, flexible, and efficient communication. Since the needs are as diverse as the possibilities, we are happy to support you in finding the right solution for your application or to develop a tailor-made solution for you.

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