Building Automation & Security

More than just Building Automation

You can expect more from us than just building automation. As experts in multimedia technology, we develop individually matching, fully integrated systems for you. In addition to HVAC control for a pleasant room climate, the right lighting mood and reliable access control, we also integrate all audio/video installations. All systems can be operated centrally, room-specific, or remotely. For easy operation via mobile touch panels, we program each control system to the ceed App. Rooms can thus be centrally controlled and monitored, and upcoming events and meetings can be published by the end user on site. With the integration of a room reservation system, occupancy management and capacity monitoring also become possible. With increasing digitization and networking of formerly isolated systems, energy efficiency and comfort of your entire building infrastructure are improved.

Indoor Climate (HVAC) controls

Smart indoor climate and energy efficiency

The various areas of building automation cannot be clearly demarcated from one another; rather, the greatest potential for optimization comes from the networking of all areas. If the climate control system is connected to the shading control system and has access to the current weather forecast, the entire system can act with foresight. For example, it switches off the heating because it knows that tomorrow there will be enough sunshine to ensure a comfortable room temperature. If the room occupancy system is also integrated, the system knows that the shading must be activated based on the room usage. Optimal networking can therefore ensure the greatest possible efficiency without sacrificing comfort.

Lighting and shading

Always be in the right light

With intelligent, sensor-based lighting control, the light is where you are –

and not in unused rooms. With twilight or brightness sensors, the light can be switched on automatically in predefined zones when it gets dark. Room and task lighting can be controlled according to use or with preset scenarios. Lighting and shading contribute to a good working atmosphere. Lighting and shading contribute to a good working atmosphere. Optimally adjusted, they promote concentration, reduce fatigue, and thus increase the productivity of your employees.

Monitoring & Access Systems

Know what's going on at all times

Whether in a large office complex or in an SME – a central access control system

increases efficiency. Individual areas can be released for specific user groups, considering the time frame or days of the week. This allows you to maintain an overview and make changes quickly and easily. We are also happy to advise you on visual monitoring, whether for pure monitoring or in conjunction with an entry system. We support you in the legally compliant implementation of your surveillance system. With the use of intelligent surveillance software, movements outside or inside of your property are analyzed and automatically evaluated. It is recognized whether it is an animal or a human being. If a suspicious movement is detected, it is additionally checked in real time by a person and, in case of an actual incident, the police or a security service is directly alerted.


Multimedia Integration

Networking and integration on a new level

In many cases, the individual areas of building automation are equipped with different control or management systems from different suppliers. We are convinced that a building automation system can only provide the greatest possible benefit with an all-encompassing integration. Only when all control areas are coordinated and actions of one system are responded to by an automatic reaction of other systems, the numerous advantages of an integrated system come into play.

Our experience with touch-based control units allows us to unify the entire control system on one intuitive terminal. You don’t have to operate blinds, vents, or lights manually and individually if you don’t want to. With just a few clicks, you can set entire areas to the desired state or leave the entire control to the system.

As your competent partner for sophisticated audiovisual media technology, we are also happy to offer you a link and integration of your existing building automation into a central control system when retrofitting your rooms.

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