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We have a true passion: We love music That is why you will find only selected products and brands that reproduce the perfect sound in our shop, but those cause the hearts of HiFi lovers to beat faster. So you can hear your music exactly as the artist intended. Our products combine innovation, engineering and craftsmanship to produce the best sound you’ve ever heard. Our goal? Bringing you closer to the music that moves you. Unforgettable listening experiences and pure sound images are guaranteed in our show room in St. Moritz.

Music Systems

The ultimate sound from Linn, Focal, KEF or Widsom.

The Linn Klimax 350 is the most audiophile and intelligent speaker equipped with innovative Linn proprietary technologies. No transmission losses from the source produces exactly the sound image as in a live concert. The patented Space Optimisation technology allows a free choice of speaker placement. The result? The ultimate listening experience.

Wisdom’s high-end speakers, in a sleek and elegant design that fits perfectly into any home. Perfect for home theater and media rooms, they offer the highest level of sonic sophistication and performance. The innovative design delivers outstanding bass performance in an incredibly small enclosure Big bass in small boxes.

The Focal/Naim 500 Series is among the best Naim has ever developed – surpassed only by the Statement. It is the result of Naim’s unwavering pursuit of musicality and reproduction of the qualities we hold most dear: rhythm, timing and emotion. The 500 Series coupled with Focal’s Stella EM, a combination that must be heard. Intimate vocal performance or rock at its best, the Stella offers soundscapes and listening pleasure.

Bring music and movies to life with KEF speakers. Thanks to KEF’s passion for perfection, every sound is reproduced with precision so that you can not only see and hear the performance but also feel it.

Digital Streaming

Experience the world of high performance streaming.

There is nothing wrong with digital recording. There have been some technical advances in noise levels and channel separation compared to analog music. Today, “all-in-one” streamers that have all the connectivity to handle whatever you entrust to them, wired or wireless via WiFi or Bluetooth are very much in common. TIDAL, Qobuz, Spotify, Apple Music, Amazon Music, your own stored music collection. Whether you stream music or use one of the many inputs to connect your 4K TV, Sky box, Apple TV, game console or even a turntable, Linn, Naim streamers are the heart of your home entertainment. Music in one room or party sound in a multi-room, you decide. The powerful combination of network music player, preamp and power amplifier, all in one timeless package, is unparalleled.

Record Player

Analog music redefined

The analog recording usually has a more beautiful texture and a greater depth of sound. Just because the analog recording has technical limitations, the musician is more motivated to peak performance. Linn’s Sondek LP12 has been the turntable for nearly five decades, an icon that continues to evolve. Built with audiophile passion, the LP12 ensures that customers hear their music exactly as the artist composed it. The Sondek LP12 is completely modular, so it can be assembled to your own specifications. Linn’s not-so-secret recipe is modular, upgradeable design. This keeps the LP12 constantly up-to-date and a nose ahead.

Sound reproduction of the highest class and flawless perfection from Clearaudio. To achieve this maximum, Clearaudio invests a lot of time, because analog music reproduction is a technically demanding specialty that requires a lot of patience. From the tiniest component to the heavy audiophile work of art, everything at Clearaudio is meticulously handcrafted – with precision and a large portion of heart and soul. Only absolutely precisely manufactured mechanics and the well-dosed use of density, mass and shape of the components used guarantee perfect smoothness and resonance-free playback of records.

In-Wall, In-Ceiling and On-Wall Solutions

Loudspeaker without compromises

Even with built-in speakers, no one has to sacrifice high-end sound. For those who want the best sound but don’t want to sacrifice wall or floor space, in-ceiling, in-wall speakers are the right solution. Wisdom designs, develops and manufactures a wide range of speaker systems using advanced thin-film planar magnet technology. We offer solutions for wall, ceiling, surface and room architecture, as well as high-performance home theater packages. Widsom products can be custom designed and made to order in custom sizes and colors. All Wisdom Audio products are produced with attention to detail.

Manufacturers are, among others, KEF, Bowers & Wilkins, Sonance, Focal

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