Smart Home

Smart Home - The future comes automatically!

The home that thinks for you, knows your needs, and makes your life easier – simply at the touch of a button. The harmonious lighting, a pleasant room climate and cool background music – easily operated with the ceed app on your smartphone or tablet.

Control system

All it takes is the push of a button

The ceed control system combines home systems and entertainment electronics in just one app. This allows blinds, lighting, cameras, energy, music and much more to be controlled individually and intuitively via smartphone or tablet. The simple operation, good clarity and high functionality inspire our customers. This means that the smart functions of your home are just a touch away.

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Create ambience with the right lighting

It’s the light that counts!

Lighting in your home provides a warm and pleasant environment that makes your four walls a cozy home. We offer you the most modern light energy saving systems. With smart light switches, you can conveniently set your preferred lighting scene for your current mood or for a special occasion. Before having to leave the house, turn off the lights and close the shutters conveniently at the touch of a button.

Room climate

The right temperature at all times - completely automatically

Your home is not simply heated or cooled as you see fit. Your smart home always knows the current demand and how much or little energy is needed to create a comfortable indoor climate. This is done automatically and in accordance with factors such as the current outside temperature or how many people are in the rooms at any given time. During longer absences, the temperature is reduced to the necessary minimum. In this way, you increase energy efficiency and at the same time reduce the burden on the environment – without any loss of comfort.

Intercom Smart Home Solution


For the safe feeling at home

our home is a place where you want to feel safe and comfortable. Security is a high priority here. By having your property monitored, you can always keep track of what is happening on your property. With video surveillance and alarms customized to your needs, you are even better protected against unauthorized access in an emergency. he recordings of the discreetly placed cameras can be accessed by you at any time and from any location and serve as evidence in the event of a loss. In the event of a break-in, the security service or the police are automatically alerted.

Access Control

Access control: keyless, secure, and simple

Easy for you to operate without any hurdles, but an insurmountable obstacle for unauthorized persons: With the right access control – whether biometric, with code or badge – you can always enter your home without keys. Temporary and time-limited access can be easily assigned via app.

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