Presentation Technology

Presentation technology according to your needs

From short throw to long distance projections – we find the right solution for the most complex room conditions. Whether it’s content management, sound reinforcement, imaging, projection, or suitable screens, we ensure that even complex, technical implementations can be operated simply and intuitively. Thanks to our many years of experience with customized and unique solutions, we understand if standard solutions do not achieve the desired results. Therefore, we develop an optimally tailored solution for you. To do this, we support diverse products available on the market to ensure their optimal interaction.


Content professionally staged

Whether it’s a small mobile presentation unit with a screen on a trolley or a large dual projection in an auditorium: Different conditions require individual solutions. For a professional presentation of your content, we offer you a customized range from the complete scope of imaging technology. From simple projectors in classrooms to high-end solutions for cinemas, large screen walls for control rooms, control centers, or LED walls for advertising applications – together, can we develop the optimal solution.


The right tone makes the difference

Whether a professional sound reinforcement system with microphones, a broadcast with recording for an auditorium or a small stereo setup for a meeting room: a suitable audio solution makes sense in every case. However, not all applications have the same requirements. While one application focuses on speech and intelligibility, another may place greater value on high music quality or a pleasant background sound. We carry out acoustic measurements in each case and adjust the audio system optimally to the acoustic properties of each room.

Video | Conference Technology

A new aspect of presentation technology

Presentation technology has also long since arrived in the digital world. For live streamed or time-shifted presentations, existing and new systems must be expanded to include video functionality. In a simple form, this can be achieved by using a video conferencing system. However, if your requirements for image and sound quality are higher, it is recommended to use a dedicated video solution, such as the one from ClickShare. With this, a system gets by without additional control and can be operated directly on your laptop.

Signal management | Media control

The right control for your system

Whether it’s a simple, button-based control unit that lets you control audio and video inputs and outputs, or a fully integrated touch unit for controlling all aspects of the room – signal management is an integral part of any presentation technology. With advancing digitalization, content and data no longer need to be distributed locally, but additionally recorded. This is achieved through reliable signal management tailored to your requirements and needs. The media control system is the actual interface between the system and the user. It ensures that even complex systems can be operated intuitively.

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